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Artists and viewers-

We have a TV series called Studio Session Live, available for access stations. There will be 16 shows this season  up on Pegmedia by the end of July. We expect to add about 4 shows per week until all 16 are uploaded.  We will shoot 24 more this fall.

The first show is a sampler, with an introduction, and then clips from many of the shows in this season. .Each of the remaining shows each has a brief introduction, and a full concert by the Guest Artist..

I have gotten you to 96,000  viewers. so far
Wait until next week!

 Your part in this is important.  You can help by letting your local station know that you want to see Studio Session Live on your local channel. 15 artists means 15 more towns for all of you.

1-Find your access station

These links will help you to find your local access station.

In     MA:

Other locations  

2- Call them and ask how to get Studio Session Live on your channel. It is a 58 minute weekly show, and seven shows are waiting, and 12 more will be there soon. Tell them the shows are waiting on the server at now.

(Tell them that 96,000 viewers see the shows via PerMedia now.)

3- They will tell you their procedure for scheduling the show.

4- Do it. 

5- Enjoy the larger audience


Access Stations-

Sample clips:

Each show is a studio concert by a single singer songwriter or group, and is original music or sometimes traditional public domain ballads.Copyright releases are on file

 Each show is 58:00 long, has 0:0 black in front, and about 1 second of black at the end.

Sound is digitally recorded and digitally remixed. The channels are compressed, and then the final mix has the the peaks  limited to -2dbfs and is in stereo

8 shows are up now, and 16 total will be uploaded in the next few weeks.

They are available at