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Regarding the TV series-

 Studio Session Live TV will need and will schedule between 50 and 100 Guest Artists in each year.

By PRIOR arrangement with the producer, the guest artist may bring a friend or a small group, who will perform with him, in some, or in all of the songs. We do not tell you what to do, or how to do it, (except no covers).  What you do and how is your choice. The show is yours, in your style, with your music. In a show, we look for about 65+ minutes, mostly of music, and hope for a concert that changes pace, and that illustrates the depth of styles that you perform.  The show will start with a brief introduction, and then the Guest Artist performs for 65 minutes, which allows for editing if needed. At some time in the future, we may add a small interview segment with the guest artist. In return, you get a copy of your show. We ask you to promote the series to your local cable access station.

Please, take the time to understand the rules about copyright songs, lyrics, and arrangements.
If there are copyright violations, there is no show, and no DVD

About Covers:
   With the new show and new venues, we are required to clarify the rules about covers and copyrights:
None of the music, arrangements, or lyrics that you perform may be copyright by anyone but you.. Public Domain is OK
We can not afford to negotiate “Synchronization Licenses”, This means no covers, no material copyrighted by others.

Before you perform, you will be required to sign a Talent Release form:

    * That gives Studio Session Live the rights to record, edit, use, broadcast and rebroadcast the recording, in whole or in part,
      on cable or air, on the SSL website, or any other media or venue, for publicity, or for any other use.
    * provide a set list,
    * agree that you will only perform work of which you are the copyright holder,
    * allow Studio Session Live to record and use that show recording of copyright music,
    * confirm that no one else has copyrights on the material (lyrics,  melody or arrangement) that you will perform,
    * indemnify and hold harmless Studio Session Live and all its venues
      from damages for any copyright violations of the material in your show.

updated  08/26/14